formulated by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson to be safe and effective for the whole family

"Well, this was worth it! Thank you! I'm crazy new to Essential Oils, but being informed about when and how to use them and for what BEFORE buying them is the only thing that made sense for me. Now I know which oils are good to start off with AND are safe for my family! So this is a phenomenal "starter kit" at the perfect price point for those of us interested in safely dabbling safely in Essential Oils!" Kacie

I've formulated safe and effective recipes for your family so you can do what you do best: love and take care of them.


With instant access you'll stop wasting essential oils trying things that don't work and simply use family safe essential oil recipes™.

  • Recipes that Work

    Created by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson (that's me!), these recipes are created with therapeutic properties of essential oils in mind to pack the most punch and ensure effective results.

  • Safe For the Whole Family

    Safety information for the essential oils as well as the safety of usage recommendations are provided. If a method of application is not appropriate for an age group, it will be noted and an alternative provided wherever possible (see example recipe for example).

  • Best Methods of Use Provided

    You are not just getting "use these essential oils" but you are getting detailed instructions using the best methods: personal inhaler, diffuser, aroma jewelry, steam inhalation, massage blend, roller bottle, body balm, body butter, chest rub, linen spray, etc. 

  • High Value, Low Cost

    If I charged for these recipes based on my $150/hour rate these recipes would be unattainable for you unless you are a business. I could charge just a flat $50/recipe, but in the interest of making this affordable for as many essential oil users as possible, you get access for one low monthly fee.

  • Accessible Anywhere

    iPhone? iPad? MacBook? Android phone? ChromeBook? You can access this information via your favorite browser or device. 

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I've done all the work for you - you don't have to do this alone!

I got an extremely bad case of poison ivy two weeks ago...I am antibiotic resistant. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found your anti itch recipe! It saved my sanity!! It worked extremely well. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Jo Ann

This [Roller Bottle for Bug Bites] is the recipe that finally changed my husband's mind about essential oils.... the "gateway" blend! Lol! After this recipe convinced him that eos can work, he started letting me make him more blends and then even requesting more blends, when he would have typically used something over the counter. He has stopped using OTC creams (cortisone, and anti-fungals) and asks me to bring the oils when we go on trips. Total convert, just because of this recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Your scar recipe is amazing!! My six-year old had a deep scratch that wasn’t healing, so I asked my friend (who has all the oils) to make me a roller ball with your exact recipe. A week later, my husband said, “don’t bother her with the roller ball, his scar is gone.” I laughed so was gone because I’d already been using the roller for three days!!


Can I be direct?

I don't want you to join this membership. It's true!! My very best stuff is inside the CLUB - alllll my recipes, weekly classes where I can teach you about essential oils, daily chats inside the FB group - and I know the CLUB is the BEST place to be if you want to grow and learn so much faster!


But I also didn't want you to resort to googling recipes and end up with harming yourself or your family.


You told me you just want recipes, so now you have access to just recipes! No video classes walking you through (that's inside the CLUB!), no community group, no weekly classes about essential oils/carriers/hydrosols, no talking about safety with pets or children, no picking my brain or custom requests (all that is inside the CLUB, too!). Just pure Family Safe Essential Oil Recipes™.

Family Safe Essential Oil Recipes SUBSCRIPTION

This is for you if:

  • you just want reliable recipes - no frills.
  • you're fine with a basic number of recipes to cover most of your needs
  • you're excited (not impatient!) to get a new recipe every week
  • you don't have time for a community - you find them distracting
  • you're good at reading clear directions and implementing on your own
  • you don't want hand holding


Monthly. Cancel any time.

Immediate access to 24 of the most popular recipes for a variety of needs. New recipe unlocks weekly.

Access this incredible resource and have peace of mind knowing when a situation comes up requiring essential oils as a tool, you'll know exactly where to grab a safe, reliable recipe.


This is for you if:

  • you want alllll the recipes - and you want them now (you never know what will come up and when!)
  • you want to start your essential oil journey on the right foot
  • you can't get enough about essential oils and you want full access to all Lea's classes
  • you can't afford aromatherapy certification, but want weekly classes with high level information
  • you want direct access to a CCA every day of the month
  • you want to chat with Lea each week as she teaches the class LIVE and answers all of your questions about essential oils (and herbs, and much more!)
  • you want to be involved in a community of safe essential oil users


Monthly. Cancel any time.

Immediate access to 250+ recipes for over 60 health issues + weekly classes + daily access to Lea Jacobson, CCA.

Your starter pack of recipes include all of what is below plus a few more!

I have to be careful how I word these - sorry!

  • seasonal sneezing
  • stress support
  • respiratory relief
  • bug shoo-er away-er
  • bug bite skin discomfort relief
  • scar frowner
  • sleep encouragement
  • hand cleanser for ickies
  • cleaning spray
  • low libido booster
  • fresh sheets spray
  • hair bug deterrent
  • acne eraser
  • burn soother
  • head pounding soother
  • jock foot spray
  • hair growing cheerleader
  • attention helper
  • ear discomfort easer
  • tummy tamer
  • cough discourager

Some of the recipes you can look forward to having unlocked...

I have to be careful how I word these - sorry!

  • attention getter
  • stomach growl husher
  • life juice thickener buster
  • boo boo kisser
  • skin bump soother
  • annoying skin irritation calmer
  • laundry booster
  • cold sore slayer
  • drippy hacking calmer
  • blues reliver
  • patchy skin tamer
  • tired forgetter
  • windy bowels stopper
  • sad heart hugger
  • stinky smells cover-er
  • unhappy digestion reverser
  • baby pusher-outer helper
  • fried brain reliever
  • muscle mender
  • ugly nail reverser

A peek behind the curtain...

It's one thing to know the safety issues of a recipe or blend of essential oils, but it takes a whole other level of training to formulate recipes and blends!


After struggling myself, I decided to look into the benefits of the individual essential oils. I figured if I could crack the code on why this essential oil is good for X, then I could create fool-proof recipes every time.


It took years, it made for a slower start, but let me tell you - now that I've done the hard work, it's a breeze to make properly formulated recipes!


But it didn't always used to be this way.


Before I created my Signature STAR System™, I got lost for a little bit on the same road other time-strapped aromatherapists take: peeking over published author's shoulders.


While its common practice to publish a book simply referencing and regurgitating what other authors have said, most of them aren't even certified and therefore didn't recognize when information they were repeating was inaccurate, unsafe, or not backed by science.


I didn't feel good about that approach, and so I decided to do something unconventional: dissect each constituent that an essential oil is made up of, look at the scientific research (think PubMed and medical journals) showing what therapeutic properties have been attributed to each constituent, and dump all of it in my fancy spreadsheet.


The reward is my Signature STAR System™ which guides me to select the perfect essential oils for various health issues, while noting potential safety issues, resulting in expertly formulated recipes safe and effective for the whole family.


Each recipe you find inside this membership contains essential oils with the exact therapeutic properties you need for the issue you're looking to remedy, along with the dilution, how to use, how often to use, where to apply, how much to inhale, who it's best suited for, all the safety, substitutions, and more!


Access these recipes today and get results!

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