Aromatherapy Daily Tips

366 daily tips for using essential oils, carriers, and hydrosols safely by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson.

Increase your knowledge every day, without feeling overwhelmed...

Hi, I'm Lea Jacobson, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, and I created these daily tips for you - something I've been itching to do for a few years.


Why? Because I talk every day to new essential oil users, perhaps like yourself, who want to know:

  • where do I start?
  • how can I increase my knowledge without getting overwhelmed?
  • can I do this on a budget?

This is the first resource I've created entirely of baby steps. Little prompts. Nudges. And for those of you not completely new to using essential oils safely, reminders.


My hope is you will view the beautiful daily tip and allow it to inspire you on your journey to using essential oils safely.

Allow each daily tip to inspire you on your journey to using essential oils safely...

  • Learn something new daily

    Each day gives you the opportunity to learn something you didn't know about essential oils. 366 tips included so you're covered even on a leap year.

  • Variety of topics

    Essential oils, carriers, and hydrosols are covered through the year. Safety issues, benefits, therapeutic properties, how to use, and more.

  • High quality, full color images

    High quality, full color images with clearly-readable tip delivered right to your inbox.

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