Learn how to use essential oils safely in a few minutes a day no matter what brand you use so that you can keep your family safe!

If you use essential oils, or struggling with what to use and how, this CLUB is for you!

Does this sound familiar?

You know you should research essential oils before using them, but you have no clue where to begin. 


The time you've spent trying to google the answers has only left you feeling more confused.


You want to better your family's health and use more natural options, but you're scared that using essential oils may cause more harm than good. 


Your essential oils sit there, untouched, because you're too afraid to use them.

Now imagine...

Imagine a few weeks or months from now being able to grab the exact essential oil needed to do the trick, using it the right way at a safe dilution, very much improving or eliminating that issue.


How would that make you feel? You'd feel like Wonder Woman! Your kids would be happier (more hugs!) Your husband finally convinced those crazy oils really do work (yes, it happens!)


And you'd sleep better at night (not just because of my awesome sleep recipes! ha!) but also because you did what you needed to do to educate yourself about essential oils.


Confidence. No more overwhelm. No more feeling stuck. No more wasted essential oils.

"This [Roller Bottle for Bug Bites] is the recipe that finally changed my husband's mind about essential oils.... the "gateway" blend! Lol! After this recipe convinced him that eos can work, he started letting me make him more blends and then even requesting more blends, when he would have typically used something over the counter. He has stopped using OTC creams (cortisone, and anti-fungals) and asks me to bring the oils when we go on trips. Total convert, just because of this recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us!" -Amy

Introducing... Using Essential Oils Safely RECIPES CLUB+!

  • Daily access to a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist - yes! I am available daily to help you get the most out of your learning experience

  • Weekly classes designed to take you from baby steps to mastery covering not just recipes and health issues, but essential oils, carriers, hydrosols, and related topics that are on your mind. All classes are recorded, fully searchable with video, audio, and transcripts available saving you time.

  • Printables and downloads so class information can be stored in a ready-to-grab binder when you need to quickly look something up.

  • Monthly Happy Mail for VIP+ level members who prefer the satiny poster-thickness sheets and other goodies I'll send out every month!

  • Community of people just like you - and some further down the path, so whenever you have a question you have the support you need

  • Recipes expertly formulated family safe based on therapeutic properties (not thrown together willy-nilly) for everything from anxiety to wrinkles written in a simple format you can understand even if you're new to essential oils. (Can't find what you need? I'll create a custom formulation just for you!)

This incredible resource gives you peace of mind knowing you have access to the info you need run by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Expert Blend & Recipe Formulator Lea Jacobson.

"Is always great to be part of live with you Lea and others. Your bursting knowledge, top energy level and top-ntoch enthusiasm about what you are teaching/sharing is emazing. Thank you 🌹" -Elka

What some of the CLUB members are saying...

As you think about how I can help you, take a look at the results some of the members have had inside the CLUB:


​I helped Em who asked for help with anxiety for an 11yo who is watching her father fight a lymphoma


Melanie got help when she asked for a cough recipe for her 2 year old


Pat was able to help a friend who tried many things for her muscle aches. This friend told Pat my recipe for muscle aches was "the best thing" she has tried.


Sharon finally found something to help the hot flashes she has been battling for 17 years.


The Using Essential Oils Safely RECIPES CLUB+ is for you if:

  • You want to use essential oils safely, but you don't know where to start
  • You need a side gig and want to learn how to make and sell products containing essential oils!
  • You sell essential oils and are responsible for the safety of your customers
  • You need expertly formulated essential oil recipes you don't have to question
  • You want peace of mind knowing you have a place to get reliable answers
  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding, have children, pets, around medications or have other health issues and need expert advice on safe usage

"Your scar recipe is amazing!! My six-year old had a deep scratch that wasn’t healing, so I asked my friend (who has all the oils) to make me a roller ball with your exact recipe. A week later, my husband said, “don’t bother her with the roller ball, his scar is gone.” I laughed so hard...it was gone because I’d already been using the roller for three days!!" Rachel

VIP Enrollment


DAILY ACCESS TO A CERTIFIED CLINICAL AROMATHERAPIST so that you have expert advice when you need it! 

WEEKLY CLASSES so that you can progress in your education on a regular basis

ESSENTIAL OIL CHEAT SHEETS so that you can easily find the info you need when you need it

CARRIER OIL AND HYDROSOL SPOTLIGHT so that you can make better selections

RECIPE FOCUS so you don't get overwhelmed

24/7 ACCESS TO RECIPES COLLECTION so that you can get what you need when something comes up


  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUP so you can chat with others like you and share ideas!

  • FULLY SEARCHABLE CLASSES downloadable via video, audio, and transcripts - saving you time when you're looking for something specific


Fully searchable weekly LIVE classes @ $150/hr = $600/mo value

Class downloadables $67 value

Recipe collection access 247 recipes x $75 = $18,525 value

Support group = priceless

Daily access to a CCA = $108,000 priceless

Custom recipes as needed = priceless

TOTAL VALUE = $127,192+/mo 


FEBRUARY YEARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS: Enroll in yearly access (VIP or VIP+) and only pay for ten months + instant lifetime access to Aromatherapy Daily Tips worth worth $56.60! 


Limited February VIP+ spots left! 

WAIT! UPGRADE TO VIP+ and get HAPPY MAIL every month! All class downloads shipped to your door (yes, worldwide!) on durable glossy sheets you can put right in a 3-ring binder. NOTE: Once VIP+ packages for February are gone, you'll reserve your spot for March onward with VIP+ enrollment.


"I got an extremely bad case of poison ivy two weeks ago...I am antibiotic resistant. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found your anti itch recipe! It saved my sanity!! It worked extremely well. I can’t thank you enough!!!" Jo Ann

Recipes that WORK based on Lea's signature S.T.A.R. system gives you fool-proof formulas every single time!

I was overwhelmed. I didn't know where to begin. I wanted to know what essential oils I could use for what issues, but searching online and even in books left me confused.


I tried cross-referencing the most popular books, deciding that if most of the books agreed X essential oil was good for Y health issue, it must be true. 


After spending hours doing it this way, I realized this approach was faulty, as most of those authors were reading off each other's notes and were just repeating the same info in different ways.


I tried searching online, and found there's a lot of people not properly certified repeating information cranked out by sales departments of companies selling essential oils to push a sale. I didn't feel good about that.


I knew I had to do something! So I went back to the drawing board. And then I had an idea...


It was going to be a lot of work, but as I was responsible for safe and accurate information for a large group of essential oil users, I wanted to do it right, and this was really the only way. I stopped using google, I stopped referencing the popular aromatherapy books, and I got to work. 


Years later, my spreadsheet is full of expertly-researched information (think PubMed and medical journals) that I access daily using my signature STAR system for selecting the right essential oils for various health issues.


It feels so good to know that my work has paid off! I have thousands of happy responses to my expertly formulated recipes, and can quickly create solutions to any problem that essential oils are known to help with.


How can I help you?

Psst - can I tell you a secret? The key to the STAR system is knowing the therapeutic properties each constituent has, and at what percentage, so you can select the essential oils with the most effect and not one that just has some affect. I have all that noted in my spreadsheet which has guided me in creating the perfect formula, so when I craft the recipe with how to use, the dilution, where to apply and how often, I have a winning recipe with excellent results every time!


Now that you know how I do it, you might want to do the same thing. Don't reinvent the wheel - take the wheel! I'm extending the keys to you - just take them and go wherever you want! I've done the hard work for you.

I'm so excited for you, because I know just how much you're about to learn and how much this is going to change your life! Yes, you CAN do this!

Safety doesn't have to be scary and overwhelming! I've created the RECIPES CLUB+ for you so you can get the answers you need, when you need them. You need results, and you need them now!


I know you can do this - because where you are now is exactly where I was seven years ago. Confused and overwhelmed. "Just" a mom, wanting to do the best for her kids. 


At the time it was either 1) keep googling. (aka stay confused and overwhelmed), or 2) get certified. I realized my children are too important to be guinea pigs so I ditched the first one and picked up the second!


Certification is wonderful, I loved every single minute of it and couldn't get enough. But the time and cost involved is not for everyone - especially busy moms and dads with families, kids, pets...


The RECIPES CLUB is perfect for busy parents and people because I've created a bunch of shortcuts that you need to get success fast. You got this!


And if you don't think you do, as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist I definitely do! Take my hand and let me guide you on your journey to using essential oils safely!


I'm right here with you, each day, guiding you along the way.


I can't wait to meet you! Click here if you want to meet me...


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