I’m Lea Jacobson​,


Empowering you with the knowledge you need to

use essential oils safely -

no matter what brand you use.


Not long ago I was just like you - new to essential oils, and unsure where to start. As a lifelong avid researcher, I loved being able to figure it out myself and avoid spending money on education when I could easily search for free.


What I came to find out is the only shortcut is to invest in people who know their stuff. Sifting through google's endless search results reading opinions from people with no training or certifications was only wasting my time. I was still unsure who to believe.


So I made the decision to get certified - not to make a career out of it. I simply wanted the information for my own personal knowledge so I could keep my family safe. 

I've learned there is a journey one can take that can:

  • Save you endless hours of time by giving you a place to easily find reliable and unbiased answers about essential oils... 

  • Reduce your chances of adverse reactions when using essential oils so that you can use them safely without causing topical skin reactions or burdening your liver...

  • Help people like you learn how to make your own family safe recipes that work...


My mission has always been one of empowerment.


When it comes to using essential oils, we deserve to know the safety.

Unfortunately, essential oils (due to them not being regulated) do NOT come with a booklet or paper telling us how to safely use them, or who should use caution or avoid completely.

It is up to US to take charge of our own health, including how we use essential oils, and that starts with knowledge.

We can't rely on companies that sell us the products to also provide safe and accurate information - that would be like trusting car salesman for reliability and safety data for a car we are interested in buying instead of going to Consumer Reports and getting the straight facts.

And that is where I come in...

Unlike virtually everyone else in the field (my peers) I am not tied to a company, I don't have stock in a company, and no company pays me to recommend their products.

What I share with you is strictly safety. Take it or leave it.


I don't care where you buy your essential oils. I don't even care if you buy essential oils! :P That doesn't line my pocket! I care that you are using essential oils safely.

I care that your CHILDREN are not breaking out in rashes or screaming from the pain of undiluted essential oils.

I care that YOU are not damaging your insides and liver by consuming essential oils daily.

I care that YOU are not having drug interactions or bleeding out because you were exposed to germ-fighting blends in a doctor's office.

I care that your CHILDREN are not struggling to breathe because Eucalyptus was diffused in the preschool.

I care because these things are so preventable!

I care because once you know better, you can do better.

It just takes empowering yourself with the knowledge you need.

Because once you know the safety and what the boundaries are, you can freely use essential oils safely and not have to worry that everything you are doing might cause an adverse reaction.



  1. I am obsessed with Wonder Woman! (yup, that's me in that photo!)
  2. I once dyed my hair blue and purple! (yup, that's me in that photo again!)
  3. Before getting into essential oils, I was a Crunchy Mama who birthed two children at home (one with a midwife, one by myself!)
  4. I did a huge experiment on sauerkraut vessels which is still being used by a professor in college to teach his students about bacteria and fermentation
  5. I can pick things up off the floor with my toes
  6. I love and crave the smell off the ocean (specifically Maine)
  7. I survived a domestic violence attack, was in hiding for several years, spoke out against my attacker in court in front of a jury, caused his "super scary lawyer" to be "off his game" simply by using Truth as my Sword, and created a new precedent in the state of NH for longer jail time due to a domestic assault - all while running my essential oil website, facebook groups, and homeschooling my children
  8. I'm a night owl who would love to be a morning person
  9. I was the school secretary for a private school one day a week at the age of 14
  10. I love beet juice, horseradish, garlic, and I also love pineapple on pizza (no, not all together!)


  • Lea’s interest in essential oils began in January of 2013, with a blog post on her previous website Nourishing Treasures: “Learning About Essential Oils – who’s in?”  The interest was overwhelming, and Lea was hooked.

  • A few days later Lea shares the conclusion of her month-long crash-course researching essential oils, revealing her opinion on the only way to know if a brand of essential oils is worth purchasing in this blog post: “The Ultimate Quality Test”. The response was very positive, and through the generosity of people of the past LAEO Facebook Group, donations were raised to cover the first round of 3rd party GC/MS testing for Myrrh. 

  • In May 2013 Lea enrolled in Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program, immersing herself in the fascinating world of essential oil data sheets and GC/MS reports.

  • Seeing that her interest in essential oils was creating many aromatherapy-related blog posts on her natural health and herb website, Lea decided a separate website (from Nourishing Treasures) was required, and Learning About EOs.com was founded on July 22nd, 2013, but has now been replaced with this website Using Essential Oils Safely, (which you are on right now). The first blog post was the “3rd party testing results for various Tea Tree essential oils”, which generated much global interest.

  • Lea Jacobson (formerly Lea Harris) graduated from Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program the following week, on July 30, 2013.

  • “Using Essential Oils Safely,” Lea’s first e-book on essential oils, was released August 2nd, 2013, and is largely based on the final report she submitted as part of her aromatherapy course. You can get this FREE e-book by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Lea pioneered 3rd party testing, bringing awareness to the industry around transparency in labeling. Results for our 3rd party testing of Peppermint generated global interest, as out of the 13 bottles, 10 were found Not in Compliance – two of which also contained a synthetic additive, ethyl vanillin.

  • Lea graduated Aromahead’s Advanced Graduate Program on October 20, 2013.

  • In September 2013, Lea began writing for Natural Herbal Living magazine.

  • Also in September 2013, Lea met Robert Tisserand at the AIA pre-conference, where she got one of the first few pre-release copies of Essential Oil Safety.

  • On December 30, 2013, the Using Essential Oils Safety facebook group was created, gaining 8,000 members in the first two months.

  • Deepening her studies, Lea completed over 400 hours of education through Aromahead‘s Scholars Program in February of 2014, earning the title of Clinical Aromatherapist.

Lea has written guests posts, magazine articles, interviews with natural health and aromatherapy websites, and educates many on using essential oils safely via e-mail, her facebook pages and groups, worked as a consultant for natural health bloggers, reviewing information and recipes before they are published, as well as teleseminars and essential oil profile information for companies which provide essential oils for their customers, such as Lemongrass Spa, Edens Garden, and others.


Using her expertise and experience, Lea has formulated family safe essential oil blends for companies, helped to design labels for them, created profiles and website content for essential oils, and more.


Lea is author of the following publications (most of which include ISBNs and are recognized by the Library of Congress):

  • The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety
  • The Hydrosols Quick Start Guide
  • Essential Oil Profiles - preorders sold out in 3 days!
  • Essential Oil Safety Files
  • Aromatherapy DAILY TIPS
  • Essential Oil Blending book
  • Essential Oil GUIDES
  • Essential Oil CHEAT SHEETS


and teaches the following classes:

  • Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS - VIP has sold out in as little as 2 hours!
  • Essential Oil BLENDING Class
  • Essential Oil RECIPES
  • FREE Essential Oil Classes


You can find Lea's resources in the Library.

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