Essential Oil Blending Class 2019

​create safe and effective custom blends for your family or business

Choose today to empower yourself with confidence and knowledge as you learn from Lea Jacobson, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Expert Essential Oil Blending Formulator, and globally-recognized essential oil safety expert.

Lea will pour into you week after week as she teaches from her own experience and education what businesses typically pay thousands for - at a fraction of the cost.

Hello! I'm Lea Jacobson...

Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

I graduated from Aromahead Institute's Scholar's Program six years ago earning this title after more than 400 hours of study. I've gone on to study under Robert Tisserand, graduating from his advanced courses. I am a research addict and never stop learning.


Expert Essential Oil Blend Formulator

After discovering most essential oil blends on the market are not only expensive, but often contain at least one or more essential oils not safe for kids (or people in genera!), I decided to create my own. Over the years I have created custom safe and effective essential oil recipes for essential oil users across the globe with excellent results - and I want to share with you just how I do it!


Creator of the 6-Step Blending Method for Success

Let me teach you my successful 6-step blending method so your blends contain only the best essential oils for the health issue in mind, with no filler essential oils and no safety issues!


Create blends for specific issues for all body systems

Make your own blends or copy Lea's 100+ safe and effective recipes so you can start right away.

  • Circulatory

    • arthritis
    • blood clots
    • poor circulation
    • varicose veins & spider veins
  • Digestive

    • bloating
    • cramps & spasms
    • gas & constipation
    • indigestion/dyspepsia & upset stomach
    • parasites
    • poor appetite
    • poor digestion
  • Immune

    • allergies
    • chicken pox & shingles
    • cold & flu
    • cold sore/herpes
    • ear infection
    • sore throat
    • swollen lymph nodes
  • Limbic

    • ADD/ADHD
    • anxiety & stress
    • depression
    • focus
    • insomnia
    • ​mental fatigue
    • motion sickness & nausea
    • PMS, irritability & grief
  • Muscular

    • aches
    • cramps & spasms
    • pulled muscle
    • sprain
    • tendinitis
  • Nervous

    • headache & migraine
    • nerve pain
    • sciatica
    • spasm & twitch
  • Reproductive

    • cramping (PMS)
    • hot flashes
    • labor
    • low sex drive
  • Respiratory

    • bronchitis & pneumonia
    • congestion & stuffy nose
    • cough (dry)
    • cough (wet)
    • sinusitis
  • Skin

    • acne/pimples
    • athlete's foot & nail fungus
    • body odor & stinky feet
    • bruise
    • burn
    • cut, scrape, & wound
    • eczema, psoriasis & rosacea
    • itch
    • lice
    • poison ivy/oak
    • ringworm
    • scar & stretch marks
    • skin tag & wart
    • wrinkles & aging skin

Stop paying more than you should for blends made by someone else because you don't feel like you know enough to make your own. You CAN learn how to make your own custom blends!



{9 weeks of lessons}

Each week we focus on one of the body systems:


  1. Circulatory
  2. Digestive
  3. Immune
  4. Limbic
  5. Muscular
  6. Nervous
  7. Reproductive
  8. Respiratory
  9. Skin

We will cover the health issues within those body systems that essential oils are effective for. 


Lessons include videos where I walk you through each and every step!


Review each video as often as you need to as you build your confidence!

{Printer-friendly PDFs}

You can download all the class lessons and view from any device.


Windows, Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone...


Yes, I've given you room for notes, too!


Psst! Did you know the recipes included in this class I charge companies $337.50 each for?

This class includes 119 recipes - that is $40,162.50 worth of recipe formulation you receive! Recipes include dilution ratio ranges (and the sweet spot) recommended for most effective results, and instructions on how to best use this blends, application frequency, etc.


{Therapeutic Properties APP}

Discover even more alternatives and substitutions by accessing Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils.


Access this information via the Evernote APP on all your devices when Lea shares her notebook with you!


$22.95 retail value



{Completion Certificate}

Yes, you get a certificate!


When you complete the class, you get a certificate showing you finished it! YAY!

{"Essential Oil Expert Blend Formulator" title}

Flaunt your knowledge when you earn the title of "Essential Oil Expert Blend Formulator."


Prove you know your stuff, either to your family, your friends, or as a business, when you take the optional final exam and earn this title!

{Membership to private community}

Interact with other students going through the same learning experience..


Weekly lesson prompts to help keep you on track!


$299 value


{Lifetime access}

Forever access is important because - I get it - life gets in the way.


Your kids are sick...


Your husband needs you...


You have to go out of town....


Whatever the reason, I have your back! Your enrollment is yours to access whenever you need it. 

   {BONUS: Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS course}  

YES! It's true! I'm giving away my BASICS course with your enrollment.


Some of what you will learn:

  • How essential oils are made

  • How to determine essential oil quality

  • What constituents are and why they matter

  • The science behind the essential oils and how we know what to expect from them therapeutically

  • How top, middle, and base notes can be used to perfect blending and improve the aroma your blends

  • When to inhale essential oils and when to apply topically

  • Pros and cons to the various inhalation methods (tea lights, diffusers, incense sticks, diffuser jewelry, etc.)

  • Why personal inhalers are a game-changer

  • When you should not inhale, and if vaping sticks are recommended

  • How to do a steam inhalation

  • What essential oils to apply for various health issues, how much to apply, and how often to apply

  • How to pick the best carrier(s) to enhance the therapeutic properties of the blends you are creating

NOTE: This class is required as a prerequisite. This means you must take this BASICS course before the blending course to be sure we're all on the same page before you begin to blend! We will walk through this together beginning April 1st, so you can finish it before the blending class begins on April 29th.


$197 value


Stop wasting money by purchasing blends you either can't use or don't work for you...


Problem: You have referenced this blends safety page and discovered many of the blends you have are not safe for you or your children.

Solved: You can now make blends that are safe for the whole family when you either make your own blends or use the ones Lea is giving you! 


Problem: You have not had good experience with blends and felt they didn't work for you because they were not formulated properly.

Solved: Start by choosing the best essential oils for the problem based on therapeutic properties and don't add any that won't help your issue! 



blend recipes


health issues


body systems



Enroll today!

To recap, your enrollment in the April 2019 Essential Oil Blending class gives you:

  • 9 weeks of lessons focusing on each body system
  • Video walk-throughs for each lesson
  • Printer-friendly PDFs you can access on any device ($40,162.50 worth of recipes!)
  • Therapeutic Properties APP so you can easily find substitutions ($22.95 value)
  • Completion Certificate when you finish
  • Essential Oil Expert Blend Formulator Certificate ​proves to the world you know your stuff!
  • Membership to a private community with other students and weekly prompts ($299 value)
  • Lifetime access so you can finish at your own pace!
  • BONUS: Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS course - no previous experience with essential oils required! ($197 value)

Using Essential Oils Safely BASICS class (included) begins April 1st. Essential Oil Blending class begins April 29th.


   Enrollment open until 3/30:  $497 USD 

Keep scrolling for VIP option...

Payment plan available.


Please note that due to the 1:1 I give my VIP students, VIP enrollment will be limited in size. This focused attention is huge when I look at the success rate of students who graduate (and on time) and those who don't. The weekly coaching classes increase student success and the learning experience is hugely magnified from this close-knit experience. I want you to succeed! I give 100% of myself to my students during the weeks I teach. For this reason, class size is limited and enrollment may close before class begins on 4/29. 

{9 Colorful eBooks}

As a VIP student you will enjoy viewing each body system guide on your devices.


Windows, Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone...


Each full color guide contains the lessons for the body systems, along with a place for you to make your own notes.


$97 retail value



{P.S. a peek inside...}

  • Clearly visible health topics on the sides of the pages. So you can thumb through and easily find what you are looking for!
  • "What to use" section shows the therapeutic properties to focus on, and then goes on to list the essential oils which contain those therapeutic properties with the safety - all in one spot! No hunting around in other resources - it's all right here!
  • "How to Use" section tells you whether to inhale or use topically, and then answers all the specifics: when to inhale, best tools to use, how many drops to add, how much to inhale, how often to inhale, how close to be to the diffuser; when to apply topically, best tools for topical application, where to apply, how much to apply, what carrier(s) are best to use, how often to apply, etc.
  • Recipes is probably self-explanatory! But here you will find one or more recipes created just for you. I tell you exactly how to make it, what to create it in, as well as the safety (who is it safe for? who is it not safe for?).
  • Notes page gives you a place to jot down ideas or create recipes of your own..

{Full color, print book}

The whole class in one book for VIP students!


More than an inch thick, your Essential Oil Blending Student Textbook comes in the perfect size for toting - 6x8"


Don't waste ink printing your PDFs - pick up your student textbook and take it with you!


The sides of the pages are also color-coded to the body system it references so you can easily find what you are looking for!


Bring this book with you wherever you go so you can access this information and share with your friends even when you are away from home.


Lays flat for convenience due to the durable twin-wire binding.


$127 retail value



{Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with Lea Jacobson, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Expert Blend Formulator}

In the special VIP group Lea goes live every week to discuss the lesson and answer all of your questions!.


These weekly LIVE sessions are priceless! Your learning will go so much deeper as you learn from Lea 1:1 during these group sessions. 


You also have the opportunity to have Lea create custom recipes for you on the fly!


$2,100 value


   {BONUS: Lea's Digital Resource Library}  

VIP enrollment includes Lea's Digital Resource Library! In this library you will find:


  • Essential Oil Profiles eBook
  • ​Essential Oil Profiles APP
  • The Hydrosols Quick Start Guide ebook
  • Hydrosols APP
  • ​The TRUTH About Essential Oil Safety eBook
  • Carriers Profiles APP
  • Safe Essential Oil Labels set of 90


$169.81 value


Imagine how you would feel if you had the ability to make blends that work for...


...back pain safe to use during  pregnancy
...your child to use for focus while doing homework
...headache help for your breastfeeding family member
...soothing your baby to sleep
...relieving your husband's joint pain
...calm your dog during an anxious moment
...erasing the wrinkles starting to creep in around your eyes


And whatever else you needed!

Upgrade to VIP - seats are limited!

Your VIP upgrade includes an additional...

$590.81 digital and print products + $2,100 VIP coaching

   ENROLL TODAY:  $647 USD   

Only nine spots left! 

Payment plan available..

The level of knowledge you will gain is enough to enable you to sell your own expertly-created blends!


Use this education to pad your wallet with extra spending money! Relieve the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, give your family a much-needed vacation, or bless others as you have been blessed.


Already have a small business and sell essential oils or personal care products? This class is for you, too!


Get the edge you need over your competitors by offering custom blending to your customers. Your effective blending skills will make happy customers and encourage repeat sales. Annnnnd, the cost of this class is a tax write-off for you :)


 I'm sooooooo glad I splurged on VIP. So worth it!



Lea, I am very impressed with the amount of work you put into making this blending course very user friendly so that we could actually create the blends without hunting around and cross referencing. This is truly a gift! Thank you!


Essential Oil Expert Blend Formulator

Really enjoyed the weekly videos because they helped me make more sense of pdf’s and retain the info better. The best part was being able to ask you questions and bounce ideas and recipes off you. I never considered safety to be an issue with essential oils and assumed that recipes in published books would be fine. Not!



The cost savings from incorporating eos and carrier oils into my daily skincare routine and discontinuing the use of pricey face creams alone is definitely more than 1000 usd annually, and for that I would say this course is worth way way more than 1000 usd. 



I cannot tell you how much more confident I feel about creating recipes for others now. I openly tell people when asked about something that I will check into it and get confirmation that I’m going to give them the right oils. Knowing that if I get confused or I’m unsure about something and can come to you or the group for clarification is so worth it. Knowing I have the backup support makes me much more secure in sharing with others. 



Who would this benefit? Anyone that is interested in starting to use essential oils...anyone who sells essential oils.



I wanted you to know that with taking this course I have gained a new confidence in my ability to produce a product safely for my clients. When one asks can you make me a product for XX I know to ask for age and any medical issues then proceed to make the product that I know will work and is safe. Just made a antiviral cream 2% for a 18 month old child with Roseola

Dan Keller

Owner, Father's Natural Remedies

This course was worth every penny I paid for it. You worked so hard putting all the information together making it easy to understand and you listen to the comments and added to the modules.



The modules are nice and short which is great. I feel smaller chunks are more easily absorbed and retained. The videos and printables make it easy to learn each lesson. Doing the prequiz before each module is eye opening when comparing scores after completing the module. Definitely worth every penny! Thanks for another great course!



I felt a little intimidated at first but Lea has a knack of making the course easy to understand - the formatting & notes on Evernote, the course notes, the personal question and answer segments, really made for an enjoyable learning experience. Lea, you are a patient and knowledgeable teacher.



I got more than I could have asked for! It was absolutely worth every penny and worth more than what I paid for it. Upgrading to the VIP option was the best decision I made as well. The whole experience was that much richer because of it and the access to your resources was worth it alone. 





This is for moms and dads who want to learn how to make their own blends so they are safe and effective for themselves, their families, and even their customers. This is for people who want to become certified, but don't want the time and cost commitment. This is also for business owners who provide custom blends or products containing blends to their customers. And yes, it's also for beginners! The included BASICS course is designed to fill you in on the basics you need before beginning to formulate blends.



This is not an official certification course. Although you will get a certificate of completion, you won't be a "certified aromatherapist."


If you knew what I charge to consult, you may be wondering why the low price? It's easy: because I want this information accessible to everyone. There is way too much mis-information out there - in fact downright unsafe and scary info! You deserve to be empowered with knowledge to use essential oils safely, and then branch out to create custom blends which actually work!


There is no shortcut. You can waste endless hours browsing google, and still end up confused with all the conflicting information. Ask me how I know! The only TRUE shortcut is knowing what to do and when to do it.


Yes! I know life happens. I want you to be able to come and go as life allows, with forever access to the videos and files you purchased.


Then this is perfect for you! The included BASICS course we over the basics so you are ready to dive in and create your own blends!


No worries! You'll have a leg up on the other students and you can consider the first three weeks a refresher. 



You can go at your own pace, as fast or slow as you'd like - no worries!

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