Tired of rough, callused feet? It's time to give your toes the attention they deserve. With this simple three-step process, you'll have soft and moisturized feet in no time without having to leave home or spend lots of money at a spa.

Do you hide your feet inside shoes - even in the summer?


Are you embarrassed to wear sandals because of how rough and dry your heels look?


Then you need my 3-step process to pretty feet!


I'll admit that even while typing these words I glanced down at my feet and ran to grab my foot balm as a touch-up (why do we take our feet for granted?).


At this point, maintenance is low-key (yay!) and my feet are ready for sandals and the beach (although my toe nails need a fresh coat of paint!).

Not wanting to keep this to myself, I shared the recipe inside the recipes CLUB, and for the first time ever, YOU can have access to this recipe, too! 

While there are pre-made blends for skin appearance on the market, many of them are NOT properly formulated for topical use. I've seen blends which included phototoxic essential oils, essential oils with a very low topical max, and essential oils not safe for kids.

Grab the Recipes for Callus and I'll include the simple 3 step system for pretty feet mentioned above. As the base formulas contain no essential oils, this is perfect for all ages (mommy-daughter pedicure anyone?).


Based on the essential oils you have I can help you choose the right ones to help skin appearance using my signature STAR method of selecting the BEST essential oils for the job.


Imagine wearing pretty sandals whenever you wanted...


What if you never had to worry about dry heels again?


What would you give to not be ashamed of rough, dry feet?


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The number one struggle essential oil users have is knowing which essential oil to use and how.


Use this system so you can start getting effective results now.


Let me help you take the guesswork out of which essential oil to use by sharing my heavily researched list of the best essential oils for skin appearance.

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