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    Created by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Jacobson (that's me!), these recipes are created with therapeutic properties of essential oils in mind to pack the most punch and ensure effective results.

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    Safety information for the essential oils as well as the safety of usage recommendations are provided. If a method of application is not appropriate for an age group, it will be noted and an alternative provided wherever possible (see example recipe for example).

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    You are not just getting "use these essential oils" but you are getting detailed instructions using the best methods: personal inhaler, diffuser, aroma jewelry, steam inhalation, massage blend, roller bottle, body balm, body butter, chest rub, linen spray, etc. 

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    If I charged for these recipes based on my $150/hour rate these recipes would be unattainable for you unless you are a business. I could charge just a flat $50/recipe, but in the interest of making this affordable for as many essential oil users as possible, you get access for one low monthly fee.

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I got an extremely bad case of poison ivy two weeks ago...I am antibiotic resistant. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found your anti itch recipe! It saved my sanity!! It worked extremely well. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Jo Ann

This [Roller Bottle for Bug Bites] is the recipe that finally changed my husband's mind about essential oils.... the "gateway" blend! Lol! After this recipe convinced him that eos can work, he started letting me make him more blends and then even requesting more blends, when he would have typically used something over the counter. He has stopped using OTC creams (cortisone, and anti-fungals) and asks me to bring the oils when we go on trips. Total convert, just because of this recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Your scar recipe is amazing!! My six-year old had a deep scratch that wasn’t healing, so I asked my friend (who has all the oils) to make me a roller ball with your exact recipe. A week later, my husband said, “don’t bother her with the roller ball, his scar is gone.” I laughed so hard...it was gone because I’d already been using the roller for three days!!


I have to be careful how I word these - sorry!

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