Find out which essential oils will stop you from tossing and turning and help your kids sleep through the night without wasting your money on expensive blends that are not safe for the whole family.

It was over an hour and I couldn't shut off my brain.


Soft, flannel sheets enveloped me, and my head was gently resting on my favorite wool pillow, but sleep wouldn't come. 


All I could think about was the project I had started and was excited about finally finishing the next morning.


And then I remembered.


Several weeks prior I created a blend for sleep and I remember Jen telling me how it reminded her of her favorite creamsicle popsicles she enjoyed as a kid, and I smiled.


I added that blend to a linen spray and tucked it away in my nightstand for nights just like this.


I was so involved in my own thoughts I had totally forgotten!


I slid the wooden drawer open, fumbling for the cool, glass spray bottle.


I found it and as I propped myself up off the pillow, I gave the bottle a shakeshakeshake to be sure the essential oils were properly mixed into the sandalwood hydrosol.


I gave it a few pumps, misting it over my pillow and nearby bedding as tangy tangerine laced with sweet vanilla gently hung in the air.


I could feel myself already feeling the release of heavy "to do" thoughts.


As a reminder for future nights when I found myself unable to go right to sleep, I placed the amber spray bottle properly labeled "Heavy Eyelids Linen Spray" in full view on my nightstand, right next to my charging phone.




As my face hit the pillow for the second time that night, I closed my eyes, inhaling the comforting aroma of tangerines and vanilla beans as my busy brain relaxed and I finally drifted off to sleep.

Not wanting to keep this discovery to myself, I shared the recipe inside the recipes CLUB, and for the first time ever, YOU can have access to this recipe, too! 

There are a few blends for sleep on the market but many of them are NOT properly formulated for sleep. I've seen "sleep blends" which had energizing essential oils added, and some with no sedative essential oils at all!

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