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Not long ago I was just like you - new to essential oils, and unsure where to start. As a lifelong learner and avid researcher, I loved being able to figure it out All. By. Myself. Why spend money on education when I could easily search for free? I was so wrong...


I want to share with you what I learned on my journey through Dr. Google (waste of time!), my Certified Clinical Aromatherapy training, and my experience thereafter taught me - that there is a journey one can take that can:

  • save you endless hours of time by giving you a place to easily find reliable and unbiased answers about essential oils (psst, it's not google!)... 
  • reduce chances of adverse reactions when using essential oils so that you can use them safely without causing adverse reactions...
  • help you learn how to make safe recipes that work, without wasting time and essential oils trying to figure it out without professional guidance...

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